• Nile Kinnick Honored as Big Ten Icon

    Nile Kinnick Honored as Big Ten Icon

    The greatness of Nile Kinnick continues to shine. Iowa’s Nile Kinnick was recently named the No. 7 Big Ten Icon of all time. The Big Ten Network program is counting down the top 50 student-athletes in conference history, based on their collegiate playing careers. Big Ten Icons profiled the revered 1939 Heisman Trophy winner with […]

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  • Photos of Nile on Hawk Central

    Photos of Nile on Hawk Central

    Iowa City Press Citizen website Hawk Central features an excellent gallery of Nile Kinnick photos worth checking out. While reading the book NILE, it’s not hard to picture the Heisman winner just as he appear in these photos.

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  • Vintage Nile Kinnick Photos

    Vintage Nile Kinnick Photos

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  • IOWA ICON: Nile Kinnick

    IOWA ICON: Nile Kinnick

    Some of Iowa’s sporting legends remember Hawkeye-great Nile Kinnick Andy Fales | Reporter | WHOtv.com November 25, 2009 We got just 24 years of Nile Kinnick, but the impact he made in each stage of his life was profound enough to last. “He was not a great baseball player,” says Bob Feller, the baseball legend […]

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  • Nile Kinnick: An American Hero

    Nile Kinnick: An American Hero

    This post links to a story about Nile that first appeared in Sports Illustrated in 1987. It then appeared on websites over the years with permission from SI. The story was first posted on Superhawkeye.com in May of 2000, so references to times and dates need to have that taken into account.

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  • U of Iowa short documentary on Nile Kinnick

    U of Iowa short documentary on Nile Kinnick

    From the University of Iowa: A short documentary from 1944 about Nile Kinnick, All-American halfback for the University of Iowa’s legendary ‘Ironmen’ football team of 1939 and winner of the Heisman, Maxwell and Walter Camp trophies that same year. Kinnick died in 1943 during a training flight while serving as a U.S Navy aviator in World War II. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1951, and the University of Iowa renamed its football stadium “Kinnick Stadium” in his honor in 1972.

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  • Two legends, a coin and Tom

    Two legends, a coin and Tom

    The 1939 Iowa Hawkeyes football team earned the nickname The Ironmen.  They were coached by Dr. Eddie Anderson and were led on the field by halfback Nile Kinnick.   Hank Vollenweider and Red Frye were members of the Ironmen team and played along side Nile. Recently, Tom had the pleasure of watching the opening game in […]

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  • 1939 Video of Notre Dame vs Iowa

    1939 Video of Notre Dame vs Iowa

    This rare color film footage is of the infamous Fightin’ Irish visit to Iowa City in 1939.  Heisman Trophy winner Nile Kinnick (#24) stars for the Hawkeyes and puts on a performance by scoring the game-winning touchdown against Notre Dame.

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  • Hero for the Ages Video

    Hero for the Ages Video

    This video clip about former Iowa halfback Nile Kinnick is from a CSTV special called From Ballfields to Battlefields. A CSTV original production, From Ballfields to Battlefields was hosted by U.S. Senator and Vietnam War hero John McCain and narrated by ABC’s Charles Gibson.  It was a documentary chronicling the lives of student-athletes who served […]

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  • The Story of Nile Kinnick

    The Story of Nile Kinnick

    NILE is a story about a young man who played football at the University of Iowa in the late 1930s.  But NILE is more than a sports story.  It’s a story about the nation recovering from the Great Depression and on the cusp of the greatest war in the history of mankind.  One athlete, in […]

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